Days 5 – 10: Closet De-Clutter Challenge

Let’s put this challenge bed already!

When I originally planned this series, I anticipated that I would blog every day about de-cluttering my closets.  But you know what they say…the best laid plans…

Anyway, I got off schedule and if you we’re following along and counting on me, I’m sorry for letting you down.

I forced myself to get caught up this weekend.  So here goes.

Day 5:  Master bedroom closet

DSC_0706 DSC_0705DSC_0718Above are the 5 items I’m getting rid of:

1)  Pair of maternity jeans with holes – TRASH
2, 3 & 4)  Pants, shirt & sweatshirt I’ll never wear – DONATE
5)  White purse that I’ll never use – DONATE

DSC_0717I found all of these in a drawer in my dresser…knee-highs.  Does anyone wear these anymore?  TRASH

Day 6:  2nd bedroom closet (my daughter’s room)  (She does have more clothes than you see here.  She prefers to keep them in her dresser where she can reach them.)

DSC_0716 DSC_0715DSC_0731The 5 items from my daughter’s closet:

1)  a doll from a fast food restaurant – TRASH
2)  a tube of glitter glue – TRASH
3)  a Christmas barrette she will never wear – DONATE
4 & 5)  jeans and a dress that are too small – SELL AT CONSIGNMENT SHOP

DSC_0732From one of her drawers, 4 pairs of tights that are ripped or stained. – TRASH

Day 7:  Closet in bedroom #4.  This closet is in the room that my oldest two sons share and it’s the smallest closet in the house.  It holds my oldest’s clothes and games, none of which I could get rid of.  So I went back to the master bedroom closet and de-cluttered there again.

DSC_07371)  bag of Easter basket grass which is now banned in our house – TRASH
2 & 3)  jeans and shorts that are ripped beyond repair – TRASH
4 & 5)  braided belt and very small black bag – DONATE

DSC_0738I found these 3 items in a drawer in our living room and all are going in the TRASH.

Day 8:  closet in the 4th bedroom  (Before we had children this room was a TV room, craft room and office.  Since the birth of our first child, it has been the nursery where each child has slept until they were at least 2.  The closet is filled with lots of stuff that really doesn’t belong in there.)

DSC_0727DSC_07331 & 2)  2 of my daughter’s holiday dresses that are too small – SELL ON ebay
3 & 4)  2 boys jackets – DONATE
5)  baby brag book – DONATE

DSC_0734These 3 items were in a changing table drawer.  The expired diaper rash cream and orange hook are going in the TRASH and the pink baby hat is being DONATED.

Day 9:  I revisited the linen closet and I’ve decided to SELL these 4 Longaberger baskets and the set of Longaberger candles on ebay.

DSC_0735DSC_0739These 4 things from a kitchen drawer are going in the TRASH.

Day 10:  I revisited the closet in bedroom #4.

DSC_07361)  book – DONATE
2, 3, 4 & 5)  book dust jackets, 2 projects from graduate school and dividers for plastic bins – TRASH

WOW!  It feels great to finished with that project and to be almost 80 items lighter!  Great job!

What should we de-clutter next?  (I promise it will only be a 5 day challenge next time!  :) )

I Love This Crochet Pattern!

In my spare time this weekend I was making these:


Crochet Cup Cozies!  Aren’t they cute?

I can’t take credit for the idea or the pattern.  The genius behind the pattern is Sheri Goad at


The possibilities are endless!  She even created the cardstock insert!


These would make great stocking stuffers or teacher gifts.  I plan to tuck a gift certificate to a local coffee shop inside and voila!

Do you love them too?  Let me know what you think!

Product Review & Giveaway: NESCAFE (3 Winners)

My first mission from Smiley360 arrived last week!  It was a free canister of Original NESCAFE coffee with Coffee Mate.


I love trying new products, especially when they are free!

Normally, I prefer freshly brewed coffee over instant coffee, but I was pleasantly surprised by the flavor and creaminess of the NESCAFE.  It was a little sweeter than I like my coffee, so I don’t think I’ll be drinking it every day, but it would be a great after dinner coffee or a special treat on a stressful day.  Actually, I have a lot of stressful days, so maybe I would drink it everyday!  :)

It couldn’t be easier to prepare.  Just put a couple of tablespoons of the powder in your cup, add hot water and presto…a hot cup of sweet, creamy coffee.


If you like your coffee with cream and on the sweet side and you prefer an all-in-one coffee product, then NESCAFE is the choice for you.

In addition to Original Flavor, it is also available in French Vanilla and Hazelnut.

Would you like to try one?  I also received 3 coupons for a free can of NESCAFE and I’m giving them away to 3 lucky winners (US only)!
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The giveaway ends Friday, November 21 at midnight.  Winners will be posted early next week.

Good luck!