Three Words That Changed How I Parent

It was a typical evening.

We had a full day of school, sports, and homework. I was ready for everyone to go to bed so that I could get some work done in a quiet house.  I was already at my desk, mentally preparing for what I needed to accomplish before I was too tired to think anymore and needed to go to bed myself.

I sent the older four kiddos upstairs to get ready for bed.  I could hear them laughing together as they gathered their pajamas.

And then it started.

The screaming.

Not just any screaming, but the high pitched screams of “Mooooooooommmm!” and the incoherent words of a four year old who was distraught that he couldn’t unbutton his polo shirt to pull it over his head.

I yelled up the stairs, “Why don’t you ask one of your brothers for help?”.

Through sobs, his reply was “Because I want you!!”.

There were three other people upstairs that could have helped him.  He could have called for my husband.

Then it hit me like a slap to the forehead.

He chose me.  He chose me.  He chose me.

Those three words changed my attitude.

Instead of stomping up the stairs out of frustration because someone else could just as easily have helped him, I gladly put my work aside and quietly went upstairs to help my four year old son who was tired and overwhelmed.

These three words have changed how I parent.  He chose me.  Because of them I’m more patient and I have more grace.  I remember that my children can chose someone else to comfort them when they are upset or hurt.  They can chose someone else to help them when they need assistance.

Do I really want that?

My frustration with life, the to do lists, the schedules, and the lack of sleep was robbing me of the special gift of being the one chosen by my child to help them navigate life.

As these three words were taking a hold of my heart, I realized that my son was not the only one that chose me.

He chose me.

God chose me.

God chose me to be the mother to my five children.  He chose me to be the one to help them navigate life.  And that is the greatest gift of all.

What has God chosen you to do?

3 Words That Changed How I Parent

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  1. Nicole Smith says:

    Love this post! The words your wrote spoke directly to my ? Lately I have been telling my self to have more patience and grace. As it is God who chose us to be the mommies to these beautiful little loves.

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