The Best Book I Read in 2014

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I set a goal of reading 24 books in 2014 and I read 6.  Normally I would beat myself up because I didn’t reach my goal, but in this case I’m okay with it.

Why?  Because one of the books I read was The Slight Edge: Turning Simple Disciplines into Massive Success and Happiness by Jeff Olson.  Hands down it was the BEST book I read in 2014 and may be the best book I’ve read as an adult.

I only read the book once and it has changed how I think of all of the little decision I make through out the day.  I’m talking about all of the decisions that I barely even think about, such as while cleaning off the kitchen counter I found two stray m&ms (this happened this morning).  Should I eat them or throw them away?  Prior to this book, I would have just popped them in my mouth without even thinking about it.  But now?  I actually took a second to think about what I was about to do and I decided to throw them away.

You see, one of my goals for 2015 is to lose 40 pounds.  Two m&ms seems insignificant when compared to that goal.  BUT, what if I found 2 m&ms every day in 2015 and I ate them all?  That’s 730 m&ms and that’s not insignificant!  (What are the chances of finding 2 m&ms in my house everyday for an entire year?  Pretty darn good…I have 4 kids!)

Three quotes from the book stood out the most and here’s why.

Successful people fail their way to the top

For years I’ve had dreams of starting my own business.  I’ve come up with some pretty great plans over the years.  I love doing the research to determine if a plan is viable.  Are there enough people in the community to support the business?  What would the financials look like?  On and on and on.  When I read this quote it hit me.  Why haven’t I ever moved forward with any of those plans?  Because I’m afraid to fail!  Don’t get me wrong…I fail all the time, but starting a business could mean a public failure and that has stopped me every single time!  Not any more!  I’ve started an essential oils business and trust me I don’t want to fail, but if I do then I’m one step closer to making to the top.

slight edge 2

As I mentioned here, I had been setting the same goals for years and never achieving them.  When I read this quote, I realized that I had let time work against me.  I never really broke the big annual goals down into monthly, weekly and daily goals that I could actually achieve and that would move me forward.  I just threw the big goals out there and expected to magically meet them.  Of course each year would start out well, I’d read a couple of books for example, but then life would get in the way and a few months would go by without much progress.  As the year would come to a close, I would see that there was no way I could reach my goal, so I would just give up.  I was letting time work against me and it exposed me, but not this year!  Now I plan my days out so that time works for me and I’m working towards reaching my goals.

slight edge 3

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This quote brings me back to the point above about the m&ms.  If I exercise, but I eat junk food everyday, I’m probably not going to lose the 40 pounds I’m aiming for.  But I exercise AND eat healthy foods, then my goal is attainable.  That’s why I threw those 2 m&ms away this morning.  This simple concept has transformed so many areas of my life; my health, my finances, my cleaning routine, my clutter issues, just to name a few.

Have you read this book?  Do these quotes resonate with you?

I’m looking for recommendations for life changing books to read this year.  What was the BEST book you read in 2014?

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