My Weight Loss Goal for 2016

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When you hear that someone has a weight loss goal, it’s usually to hit a magic number on the scale.  They are attending a wedding or class reunion in the near future and want to look good.  Maybe they need to lose weight for health reasons.

My Weight Loss Goal

Those are all valid, worthy reasons, but my weight loss goal is a bit more sentimental.  You see, I haven’t worn my wedding rings in almost 7 years.  I took them off  near the end of my second pregnancy because I was a bit swollen and I was approaching the higher end of the recommended weight gain amount and I haven’t been able to wear them since.

I thought I would be able to wear them again after my daughter was born and I lost the pregnancy weight, but I didn’t drop all of the weight.  My second son was born 22 months later and I didn’t lose all of the weight I gained during that pregnancy either.  Another 22 months and another son was born.  Three months ago I gave birth to another daughter.

I held on to about 10 pounds from each pregnancy, but I’m not going to focus on that number.  I’ve tried to use the scale as a motivator in the past and I’ve always failed.

So this year my weight loss goal is to wear my wedding rings again!

My weight loss goal

I’m not one to count calories or track the foods that I eat.  I love to eat sweets and I hate to exercise.  I use food as a stress reliever and as a reward at the end of an exhausting day.  I’m also hungry all day because I’m breastfeeding.

I know that making drastic changes will not work for me and they could reduce my milk supply.  Therefore, I’ve come up with a simple plan with small changes.

  1. Eat healthier snacks in between meals.  I usually reach for a cookie or chocolate in between meals to keep me going.  I plan to reach for fruit or vegetables between meals instead.
  2. Take 10,000 steps each day.  I dusted off my FitBit (I have one like this, but there are lots of other models to chose from!) and started wearing it again a few days ago.  I’ve averaged about 5,500 steps during the few days that I’ve worn it.  I plan to double that by taking daily walks with my children.
  3. No more late night sugary snacks.  After my family is finally in bed for the night, I tend to reward myself for making it through the day by sitting down with a carton of ice cream or bag of chips.  I’m usually legitimately hungry, so I plan to eat something healthier, such as a hard boiled egg or home made granola with yogurt.

My hope is that these simple changes will help me achieve my weight loss goal for 2016 and I’ll be wearing my wedding rings again soon!

Do you have a weight loss goal?  I’d love to hear about it and cheer you on!

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