Gratitude Challenge: Week 1

Crystal at has a series called 12 Months To A Healthier You and her November challenge is to keep a gratitude journal.  I decided to join her in this challenge, so each day in November I will write down one thing I am grateful for.

Each Monday I will share my list with you here.

I invite you to join us.

Here is my list:

Nov 1 – I’m grateful for my husband (today is his birthday).
Nov 2 – I’m grateful for Max’s great soccer friends.  He has such a great time playing with them.
Nov 3 – I’m grateful that James still takes morning naps!
Nov 4 – I’m grateful for my 4 children who keep me on my toes.
Nov 5 – I’m grateful for the right to vote.
Nov 6 – I’m grateful for our business which pays the bills.
Nov 7 – I’m grateful that we haven’t had any snow yet!  (Two years ago we had a blizzard a day or two before Halloween.)
Nov 8 – I’m grateful for my parents and my in-laws who shower my children with love and presents when we celebrate their birthdays.
Nov 9 – I’m grateful for my 2 oldest children who agreed to help out more with the household chores.

I’d love to hear what you are grateful for!  Please share in the comment section!

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