Do Homemade Dishcloths Really Save You Money?

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When you are on a tight budget you look for every way possible to save money, even if it’s just a few dollars per year.  Right?

But sometimes I wonder if it’s really worth it.  Am I really saving money?  How much?

Well, I love to crunch numbers, so I decided to do a little analysis to find out if homemade dishcloths really save you money.

Do Homemade Dishcloths Really Save Money?

We’ve been using homemade dishcloths for a while, but we used to use sponges like these.  We replaced them every couple of weeks.  Based on the current price at Amazon, these sponges cost $0.94 each and using 26 sponges per year would cost us $24.44 annually.

I pulled this yarn and hook out of my stash and made as many dishcloths and scrubbers as I could.

Do Homemade Dishcloths Really Save You Money?

I’ve had the hook for years.  The yarn was in my stash and I don’t recall what I paid for it.  But, if I were to purchase these items on Amazon today it would cost me $3.14 for the yarn and $4.33 for the hook, for a total of $7.47.  So I’ll use $7.47 for my analysis.

With this 4 oz. skein I was able to make a total of 5 dishcloths/scrubbers.  I made 2 textured dishcloths using this pattern and this pattern.  I made 1 scrubber out of a little bit of the yarn and an onion bag using this pattern.  (I only had 1 onion bag, so my scrubber is a little thin.  I think it would be better if it was made with 2 bags.)  I also made 2 little scrubbers with the remaining yarn using this pattern.  Aren’t they cute?  (The oval scrubber was supposed to be round, but I didn’t have enough yarn to make the full pattern.)  If I skipped the 3 scrubbers I could have made a total of 3 textured dishcloths.

Homemade Dishcloths

Even if I threw these dishcloths in the laundry after each day of use, I would expect them to last at least a year or two.  Let’s assume they last a year.

So do homemade dishcloths really save you money?

$7.47 vs. $24.44, for a savings of $16.97 annually!

Every little bit helps so, I say it’s worth it!

What do you think?  Do you make your own dishcloths?

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