The Easter Story Egg (A Christ-Centered Easter Activity)

Why do we celebrate Easter?

When I asked my three middle children why we celebrate Easter, I received the following answers:

4 year old – “So we can get candy for Halloween.”

5 year old – “Ummm, I don’t know.”

7 year old – “Jesus.”

Total. Catholic. Mom. Fail.

The Easter Egg Story (A Christ-Centered Easter Activity)

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So when I was offered The Easter Story Egg in exchange for a review, I was so grateful to have another Christ-centered Easter activity  to help my children understand the real reason we celebrate Easter.  (It’s not about the candy, kiddos!)

christ-centered easter activity

The Easter Story Egg is the newest creation by Natalie Ard, author of A Star From Afar, a book and nativity scene that explains the true meaning of Christmas.  My kids had so much fun searching for the star each day during Advent, I knew they would love this hands-on Easter activity as well.

easter story egg page 2

The Easter Story Egg is a beautifully illustrated, hard covered children’s book that includes an introduction and 8 short stories written in easy to understand rhyme and verse.  Each of the stories corresponds with each of the days from Palm Sunday to Easter Sunday and ends with a Bible verse. Seven nesting eggs are included and have the same colorful illustrations as the book.  The eggs are hand carved and made of natural wood.  As you read through the story, the eggs are opened one by one until you reach the smallest egg which is empty, just like the tomb on Easter Sunday!

empty egg

The author suggests either reading the book all the way through at one time or reading one story of the book each day from Palm Sunday through Easter Sunday.  My children love playing with eggs and listening to the entire book.  Starting on Palm Sunday we plan to read one story each day as we approach Easter so that we can go a little deeper with the importance of each day. The Easter Story Egg would be a meaningful Easter gift for a child of any age.  As well as to being a great addition to any Christian family’s Easter traditions, it would also be a wonderful baptismal or birthday gift.

Please note:  As indicated on the box, the eggs can be difficult to open the first few times, but they do get easier with use.  The box also states that it is meant for children 3 and up.  Please be aware that the smallest two or three eggs are choking hazards.  However, my 1 year old loves playing with the eggs for “Teacher of Love Tuesday” and “Give and Take Wednesday”.  They are small enough for her little hands, but large enough to be safe.

easter story eggs 2

Happy Easter!

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  1. Emily Davis says:

    This is such a great idea. I love the nesting egg! LOVE! And the artwork in the book. Of course the story goes without saying… Neat way to get children interested.

  2. Brittany Seeley says:

    I love this. We keep Jesus at the center of Easter by attending stations of the cross, to remember what He went through for us. And attending the Knights of Columbus’ fish fry to celebrate community and faith.

  3. Jessica says:

    We have a newborn this Lent so we have been keeping things simple. Some things we do to keep our focus is the Jesus tree, the sacrifice bean jar, Stations and some extra crafts/worksheets as I can fit them in. During Holy Week we will break out the Resurrection eggs. This set would be a lovely accompaniment to Holy Week as well!

  4. Leslie says:

    I think that good Lenten practices lead to the inevitable conclusion that Jesus is the reason for the Easter season! Especially if you attend all the services on Holy Week.

  5. Barbara Klein says:

    We keep Christ first by going to easter service. Then after wards. The kids like to easter egg hunt. We don’t forget the true meaning of easter.

  6. crystal frey says:

    we keep jesus at the center of our easter by reminding them at church who he is and what he did for us. we are greek orthodox/// i am trying to keep the girls on track they are 4 and 2.

  7. kelly woods says:

    We always keep Jesus at the center of all our holidays. Its not about the gifts, its about what Jesus did for us!

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