Chococurb – A Chocolate Subscription Box Review

Chocolate is my vice.

It’s my reward after a long, stressful day.  I use it as an incentive to reach a goal. It’s my go to candy choice.  I could eat it at every meal (and some days I have!).  I like milk chocolate, but dark chocolate is my absolute favorite kind.  If it has caramel, nuts, peanut butter or toffee in it, even better!

If you are a chocolate lover like me, then I have great news for you! Today I’m reviewing a chocolate subscription box, Chococurb.

chocolate subscription box

Please note: This post does not contain affiliate links. I received a free box in exchange for my review and I can’t say no to free chocolate!

Chococurb is a monthly subscription box with chocolate curated from all over the world. On their site you answer a quick survey, select the box size you want and each month they send you an assortment of chocolates tailored to match your tastes. If you fall in love with any of the chocolate they send you and you absolutely must have more of it in your life, you can order it directly from their site. How awesome is that?

My chocolate subscription box contained five different chocolate bars:

Dick Taylor Craft Chocolate – This bar was straight up dark chocolate. Tasting this chocolate was like sipping a great glass of red wine. It starts with a strong dark chocolate flavor and finishes with hints of cherry and plum.

dick taylor craft chocolate

Theo Cinnamon Horchata – I wasn’t sure I would like this bar. While I love both chocolate and cinnamon, I don’t like to mix them. I was pleasantly surprised that I really liked the combination. The smooth, creamy milk chocolate pairs well with the subtle warmth of the cinnamon.

theo cinnamon horchata

Amedei Toscano Blond – I was hesitant about this bar as well. Although chocolate covered strawberries are one of my favorite treats, I usually don’t like dried fruit in my chocolate. I really enjoyed this bar. The dark chocolate is rich and smooth. The dried apricots and peaches add a hint of sweetness and texture.

amedei toscano blond

Pitch Dark Matcha Tea and NIB – I’ve heard a lot about matcha tea recently so I was excited to try this dark chocolate bar. The matcha tea is very subtle, but definitely adds to the complexity of the exceptional chocolate.

Pitch dark matcha tea nib

Fran’s Macadamia Gold Bar – This was hands down my favorite bar! It is a thick bar of dark chocolate filled with luscious caramel and crunchy macadamia nuts.

frans gold bar

Overall I was very impressed with the variety and quality of the chocolate I received in my Chococurb box.

This chocolate subscription box would make a wonderful gift for a chocolate lover for birthdays, anniversaries, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Christmas or any other special occasion. It would also be the perfect way to treat yourself!

Order today and receive 10% off your first order using code WILDFLOWER.

I’d love to know, what’s your favorite kind of chocolate?



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