Baby Update

I’m so happy to announce that our baby was born right on schedule!  She was delivered via a scheduled c-section on the morning of New Year’s Eve.  What a way to end 2015!

Although I was hoping that I would go into labor early because I was miserable at the end of my pregnancy, I’m happy she waited because a couple of my other children were sick a few days before she was born.

New Baby

My c-section was scheduled for 9:30 in the morning and we had to be at the hospital by 7:30.  Pre-op went according to plan and I walked into the O.R. at 9:30.  This time around I had a epidural.  (For c-section #1 I was under general anesthesia because it was an emergency.  With c-sections #2 & #3 I was given a spinal and for c-section #4 I was given the epidural/spinal combo.)  I understand why they chose to give me the epidural over the other choices, but I prefer the spinal.  With a spinal I only felt a little pressure when they were taking the baby out.  With the epidural, I felt no pain, but all of the pushing, pulling and pressure during the entire surgery.

My doctor decided to be well prepared for a hysterectomy, if it came to that, by having extra blood in the O.R., putting in a second IV line and putting my feet up in stirrups.  Well, I had very little bleeding and therefore there was no need for a hysterectomy.

However, she wasn’t prepare for the complication that did arise.  Soon after starting the surgery she realized that when I healed after my last c-section, part of my small intestine adhered itself to my uterus and she couldn’t get to my uterus.  She had to call in another surgeon to remove the small intestine from my uterus and to make sure there was no damage to my small intestine.  That was a bit nerve racking to say the least.  But it all turned out well.

Once they got down to my uterus and were able to deliver the baby, we hit another complication.  The baby had inhaled a lot of fluid and she was having trouble clearing it all out.  Once I heard her cry I knew she would be okay!  It took a little while, but she didn’t need to go to the NICU and we are grateful for that.

My hospital now offers skin to skin contact while in the O.R. during a c-section.  This is fairly new for them and I hadn’t been offered that with my other deliveries.  Unfortunately, because it took so long for the baby’s lungs to clear, the surgery was almost finished by the time the nurses brought her over to my husband and I.  We were able to do skin to skin in the recovery room though and it was wonderful.

It’s been six weeks and we are all adjusting well to the new addition to our family!  I hope your year is off to a great start also!

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