Unique 4 Week Declutter Challenge

Search “declutter challenge” on Pinterest and you will have hundreds of challenges to choose from.  They range from 7 day declutter challenges to 365 day challenges, with every time frame in between.

So why am I running my own declutter challenge when there are already so many of them out there?

Because I’ve tried them and they don’t work for me. I am one busy mama and as important as decluttering is to me, I can’t expect to declutter my entire home in one month or even in 90 days as many of the existing challenges have you do.  I don’t have hours in my day to devote to going through every item in a room to decided if I should keep it or not.  People need to be fed, clothes need to be washed, butts need to be wiped, etc.  I have 15 minutes a day at most to declutter.  Some days I don’t even have that.

4 week declutter challenge

So what makes my 4 Week Declutter Challenge unique?

  • I will be doing this challenge with you!  I don’t live a minimalist lifestyle with a neat and tidy house.  My house is a mess and for many reasons that I will share during the challenge, I need to purge lots of stuff!  I will be right there with you every step of the way, sharing my triumphs and my failures, and cheering you on as we work through the challenge together.
  • It will only take a few minutes a day.  During the past few weeks, I’ve been testing out my method of decluttering and I can tell you that it’s working.  It’s a slow process but that’s okay.  That is all I have time for during this season of life.
  • The last week of the challenge will have a unique twist that I haven’t seen in any other challenge.  I’m not going to tell you what the twist is though.  You’ll have to join the challenge to find out!  🙂
  • This is not a fast and furious challenge.  As I said above, I don’t have hours a day to dedicate to decluttering so my method is a slow and steady one.  This year I set a goal of purging 1,500 items from my home and I know I can’t do that in one month or even six months.  I know it’s going to take the entire year to reach my goal and I’m okay with slow and steady progress.
  • It’s a 4 week challenge that will be repeated throughout the year.  I think a 4 week commitment is a doable time frame for most people.  It’s flexible, yet it will yield results.  You can join me for a challenge, then take the next one off and then join me again for the following one.  Each challenge will follow the same outline, but will be slightly different.

What you can expect from this Unique 4 Week Declutter Challenge?

  • You will receive a daily (Monday through Friday) email from me with the day’s task along with decluttering tips and words of encouragement.
  • You will be invited to join a private Facebook group where I will share photos of my daily decluttering.  I encourage you to share your photos, successes and ask questions of me and the other group members.
  • You will receive free printables to help you with this challenge.
  • At the end of the challenge you will have a home with 150 fewer items!

This challenge is geared towards households with children, but anyone is welcome to join. Are you ready to join the 4 Week Declutter Challenge?  It starts on Monday, March 6th.  I hope you will join me! Save Save Save 

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    • Kim says:

      Yes you can! I’m running this challenge every 4 weeks or so. You’ll start receiving emails the next day and you can finish the challenge with us. I’m also working on setting it up so that you can start the challenge at any time. Stay tuned for that announcement in the next couple of weeks.

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